Mixed Combinations

Maximum benefit and value for money is the keynote to this unique collection of Tables Teacher Worksheets, Activities and Games.
The Worksheets contain Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division tables for revision work or informal assessment.
The Activities are a follow-up to the Worksheets, with varied presentations
incorporating the four basic number facts for further practice, but being able to apply the quick recall of those number facts to other areas of maths.
Each game, using Mixed Combinations of number facts allows for comfortable
assessment of children’s social, personal and coping skills; their attitudes towards winning and losing and their self-conceived strategies for problem solving.
Different presentations of these number facts enable children to acquire a better understanding of number facts.
Early success with basic number facts is noted.
Learning of number facts becomes a happier and more fulfilling experience.
These books are perennials and will never become obsolete.