Yes or No

The stimulating challenges in Yes or No Activities put fun back into tables.
Topics in this programme can provoke further discussion with pupils.
Yes or No Activities will give children the confidence and competence to apply basic number facts to a variety of number problems and help them think mathematically in everyday life.

They can be best described as a set of brain teasing activities to challenge the enquiring minds of pupils – perhaps parent and teacher too! Teacher/Parent will know when to intervene, advise, guide, clarify ideas, stand aside or stimulate further exploration. Children’s thinking skills are developed when using these activities as recall of number facts is applied to other areas of Maths. The busy teacher and the early finisher are happy to use these Activities. The children are encouraged to develop their own mathematical strategies for solving problems by using their knowledge of one area of maths to explore another and increase their development of reasoning. Answers are available at the end of each book.